Wind Energy Economics

The energy supply market is very competitive, led by utilities and fuel companies that meet nearly all our energy demands. Alternative energy sources like wind power provide new options and certain advantages, but to be truly competitive with conventional energy sources, they also must be economical.

Throughout their lives, people make informed decisions on major purchases and financial investments. In the case of home and car purchases, the decision is usually which one to buy, rather than whether to buy, because these items are considered necessities. Many sources of professional advice are available to assist the buyer in making a sound decision for these common types of investments. For wind turbines, where the choice to buy is voluntary, good advice can be hard to find.

How does the average homeowner, farmer or business person choose between wind energy and the energy source he or she now uses? A wind energy system requires a large initial capital outlay, but over its lifetime it will provide years of energy with no fuel cost while the costs of other sources of energy may escalate.