Wind and Wind Power

Like the weather in general, the wind can be unpredictable. It varies from place to place, and from moment to moment. Because it is invisible it is not easily measured without special instruments. Wind velocity is affected by the trees, buildings, hills and valleys around us. Wind is a diffuse energy source that cannot be easily contained or stored for use elsewhere or at another time. It challenges us to harness it, but it first demands considerable study.

To be economically practical, a wind turbine should experience year-round average wind speeds of at least 12 mph. Sometimes people say, “The wind always blows at my place,” or “I live on the highest hill in the county.” These observations, while true, are too simplistic. A careful and precise wind survey should be made before buying a wind system. Wind turbine owners who buy without careful consideration are frequently disappointed in their system’s performance. At the going price for a complete wind turbine installation, it makes economic sense to first thoroughly check out your wind resource.