Conversion Tables


Convert from To Equation
Meters Per Second (mps) Miles Per Hour (mph) mps x 2.24
Miles Per Hour (mph) Meters Per Second (mps) mph x 0.447
Knots Miles Per Hour (mph) knots x 1.15
Meters Per Second (mps) Kilometers Per Hour mps x 3.6


Convert from To Equation
Meters Feet meters x 3.28
Feet Meters feet x 0.305
Kilometers Miles Kilometers x 0.621
Miles Kilometers Miles x 1.609


Convert from To Equation
Square Meters Square Feet sq. meters x 10.76
Square Feet Square Meters sq. feet x 0.093


Convert from To Equation
Kilowatts Watts Kilowatts x 1000
Watts Kilowatts Watts x 0.001
Megawatts Kilowatts Megawatts x 1000
Kilowatts Megawatts Kilowatts x 0.001
Watts Btu/hour Watts x 3.413
Btu/hour Watts Btu/hour x 0.293
Kilowatts Btu/hour Kilowatts x 3414
Btu/hour Kilowatts Btu/hour x 0.000293
Watts Horsepower Watts x 0.00134
Horsepower Watts Horsepower x 746
Kilowatts Horsepower Kilowatts x 1.34
Horsepower Kilowatts Horsepower x 0.746


Convert from To Equation
Watt-hours Kilowatt-hours Watt-hours x 0.001
Kilowatt-hours Megawatt-hours Kilowatt-hours x 0.001
Watt-hours Btu Watt-hours x 3.414
Btu Watt-hours Btu x 0.293
Kilowatt-hours Btu Kilowatt-hours x 3,414
Btu Kilowatt-hours Btu x 0.000293
Watt-hours Horsepower-hours Watt-hours x 0.00134
Horsepower-hours Watt-hours Horsepower-hours x 746
Kilowatt-hours Horsepower-hours Kilowatt-hours x 1.34
Horsepower-hours Kilowatt-hours Horsepower-hours x 0.746