Water and Wastewater Treatment Tool for Determining Energy and Treatment Costs in Iowa

Grant # 02-02
Principal Investigator: Anne Kimber
Organization: Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
Technical Area: Energy Efficiency

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WW-CAT: Water/Wastewater Cost Analysis Tool

Background and Significance
Based on an Iowa Energy Center-funded survey (project 97-01) of 466 Iowa water and wastewater treatment systems carried out by Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) in 2000, it is apparent that many water and wastewater treatment systems in Iowa have aging components. The managers of these sytems will need to make decisions to upgrade their facilities, based in part on system age, and in part on treatment system upgrades. The utility managers often have limited resources available to help them select a water and wastewater treatment technology and to research the range of energy and operating costs associated with that technology.

The initial IAMU survey collected cost and energy consumption data for a wide range of sizes and types of water and wastewater treatment technologies in Iowa. This includes design and actual treatment flows, classes and numbers of customers, itemized annual budgets including energy, labor and materials costs. We propose to use this information to develop a software tool designed for utility managers, which will enable them to compare treatment technologies and find the best fit for their size of utility and specific treatment requirements.

This software will be a significant addition to the analysis tools available to managers and to others in government and industry interested in the costs and energy consumption of water and wastewater treatment systems. Moreover, it will be a convenient tool to access the database (the largest of its kind) of information collected about Iowa treatment systems.

Project Objectives:

1. Assemble a technical advisory group to review and extract from the original IAMU survey data set the cost to treat water and wastewater in order to suggest the type and format of information useful to decision-makers.

2. Develop a software tool based on the data collected from the “Costs to Treat Water and Wastewater Study.” Development includes: formatting the database, building accompanying statistical tools, and user interface, including input screens.

3. Beta-test the software.

4. Release the software and publicize it.

5. Evaluate the use of the software.

Contact Information:

Anne Kimber
Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

515 289-1999
FAX 515 289-2499