Time-of-Flight Gasification Measurements

Grant # 06S-04
Principal Investigator: Albert Ratner
Organization: The University of Iowa
Student: Andrej Lenert
Technical Area: Renewable Energy

Project Objectives

Time-evolving gasification, with a few tests being gasification and combustion, of oat hulls (last few tests needed as the previous student is graduating), sawdust/wood shavings, and then probably switchgrass or something similar.

Data is collected using solid state gas detectors that monitor CO, CO2, CH4, O2, and H2. Also, based on [Iowa Energy Center] suggestion, we will probably build a suspension burner and compare those results with our gasifier results.

The motivation for this project comes from literature search and discussions with [Iowa State University] professor Robert Brown. There is nothing in the archival literature other than Professor Brown’s batch results, and, while he has done other things like, liquefaction, Dr. Brown thought that the time-evolving gasification data hadn’t been collected or published for light biomass.

This type of gasification has been attempted for coal, but there is still interest in this since; an NSF proposal to do time-evolving gasification for coal and corn residue by electromagnetically levitating small particles of material and then measuring the gasification and combustion process.