Technical and Research Support for Iowa Energy Center Building Energy Efficiency Program

Grant # 03F-01
Principal Investigator: Ron M. Nelson
Organization: Iowa State University
Technical Area: Energy Efficiency

Background and Significance:

The objectives for this project will be managed as two interrelated tasks. Task 1 will be to provide technical and research expertise. The areas of expertise include building HVAC systems, building control systems, building and equipment operation, test methods and procedures, experimental analysis, building systems and design, building simulation and energy analysis, building energy efficiency, and uncertainty analysis. The Principal Investigators (PI’s) will help the Iowa Energy Center to identify areas where the Energy Center could develop information on building controls, to identify areas where improvements to building controls and operations could have the most significant impact on energy savings, and to review publications and other materials produced by contractors and other grantees of the Energy Center.

Additionally, manage the support staff for the Energy Resource Station. These full-time technical support staff members will be administered by Iowa State University. The PI’s will work closely with Energy Center personnel to assess support staff needs and hire personnel as needed.