Synthesis of Energy Efficiency in Street Lighting

Grant #: 06-03
Principal Investigator: Neal Hawkins
Co-Principal Investigator: Shauna Hallmark
Organization: Iowa State University, Center for Transportation Research and Education
Technical Area: Energy Efficiency

Final Report
Available by contacting the Iowa Energy Center,, (515) 294-8819.

The main objective of this research is to identify best practices and leading technologies for energy efficient street lighting. The proposed research will develop a synthesis of energy efficient street lighting practices. It will include a synthesis of existing best practices to reduce energy use by state and local transportation agencies. It will also summarize state of the art technology to improve the energy efficiency of street lighting. This project will supplement current work being completed for the Iowa Highway Research Board, which is evaluating existing street lighting guidelines and developing recommendations for street lighting practice in Iowa.

The proposed project will evaluate best practices and leading technologies for more energy efficient street lighting. The tasks proposed to accomplish the research include:

1. Review domestic and international published literature
2. Survey state and local transportation agencies about best practices
3. Work with industry to document leading technologies
4. Document findings

The outcome of the project will be a synthesis report, which documents best practices, highlights promising technologies, and makes recommendations to state and local transportation about way s to become more energy efficient in their use of street lighting.