Support of the Iowa Energy Center’s Biomass Energy Conversion (BECON) Facility

Grant # 97F-01
Principal Investigator: Robert C. Brown
Organization: Iowa State University
Technical Area: Renewable Energy

Project Tasks

1. Using student hourly employee(s), provide ongoing support for minor maintenance, inventory, and other tasks as necessary. Funds may be allocated for hourly student employment and necessary supplies, materials, and services.

2. Provide “information dissemination/transfer” services for the Office of Biorenewables Programs (OBP). This may include efforts to keep OBP affiliates informed of funding opportunities, seminars, conferences, etc. Funds may be used to provide salary and benefit support for existing P&S staff or for part-time merit staff. The funds may also support student hourly wages and benefits.

3. Occasional assistance with proposal routing and review for collaborative efforts between OBP affiliates and the Iowa Energy Center.