Ammonia as an alternate fuel

“NH3 is the only realistic energy solution that makes sense.”
Matt Simmons, National Petroleum Council, Council on Foreign Relations, Founder, Ocean Energy Institute

Ammonia has received increased attention as a possible fuel–produced from any energy source (wind,solar, biomass, hydro, OTEC, nuclear, natural gas, coal and more). The once highly touted “hydrogen economy” spurred a great deal of interest in this potential source of energy. The Energy Center was asked to conduct a literature review on its possibilities.

Based upon this review, the Energy Center concluded the case for the use of ammonia as an alternate fuel was sufficiently compelling to focus an effort on removing remaining technical barriers to its use. In January 2009, were awarded in the area of “Ammonia as an Alternate Fuel”.

Additional Information

NH3 brochure [PDF]

NH3 white paper [PDF]

Risk Analysis Report [PDF] Comparative Quantitative Risk Analysis of Motor Gasoline, LPG, and Anhydrous Ammonia as an Automotive Fuel, Quest Consultants Inc., April 30, 2009

Quest Consultants Inc. was retained to perform a quantitative risk analysis that compared the risks associated with the bulk movement, storage, and dispensing of three automotive fuels: automotive gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas and anhydrous ammonia. The objective of the study was to compute the level of risk posed to the public near an average roadway along which the fuels would be transported in road tankers, and near an automotive fueling station.

NH3 – “The Other Hydrogen” Norm Olson PE, John Holbrook, PhD
Paper presented at the National Hydrogen Association’s Annual Conference, March 30, 2009.
Corresponding presentation also available for download.

NH3 Fuel Association (NH3FA)
NH3 Fuel Association (NH3FA) – formerly the Ammonia Fuel Network (AFN) is a non-profit, professional organization whose purpose is to keep the membership informed about progress in adoption of ammonia as a fuel, and to coordinate and promote activities leading to that end.