Renewable Energy

2014 Iowa Energy Center Renewable Energy Overview

What Is Renewable Energy?

Energy that comes from a natural, replenishable source is considered renewable. Sunlight, wind, flowing water (hydro), and biomass are all examples of renewable energy sources.

The Iowa Energy Center leads the state in providing accurate, usable information on wind, solar, and biomass energy.

The Energy Center has gathered renewable energy information that is used by the full spectrum of Iowans including utilities, farmers, manufacturers, municipalities, school districts and even neighboring states and the national energy laboratories.

Approximately 33% of the Energy Center’s program funds is spent on renewable energy research and demonstration projects through the competitive grant program . Almost 22% of the Energy Center’s renewable research funds is matched by in-kind services, direct dollar-for-dollar matches or material contributions.

The Energy Center has established some groundbreaking work in renewable energy resources and tools, including wind and solar maps for the entire state of Iowa, and the establishment of the Biomass Energy Conversion (BECON) facility in Nevada.