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Iowa Energy Center




Funding Opportunities

The Iowa Energy Center conducts and sponsors energy-related research and projects through various programs. Grant funding is available to Iowa-based nonprofit groups to support work related to energy research, development, demonstration, deployment, education, and workforce development. Eligible grantees include Iowa’s universities, colleges, nonprofit energy organizations, and community-based groups. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis through periodic requests for proposals (RFPs).

Laboratory Space

The Energy Center’s Energy Resource Station (ERS) is designed for the simultaneous testing and demonstration of multiple, full-scale commercial building HVAC systems. No other facility in the nation has the system capabilities that are integrated within the ERS, making it a truly unique laboratory building.

The Biomass Energy Conversion Facility (BECON) is a focal point for developing value-added products from Iowa’s abundant biomass resources. It provides credible, firsthand information on biomass technologies to create fuels and chemicals, as well as demonstrations of pilot-scale biomass conversion systems.

Impact Awards 

Through the Impact Awards the Energy Center honors leaders and innovators throughout the state in four program areas: Bioenergy, Education and Outreach, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Impact Award winners are invited to speak at a fall conference and are featured across the Energy Center’s social media platforms. A story is also included in the Energy Center’s annual report, allowing the winners to reach a broad audience across industry, government and education in Iowa.