• [ January 9, 2015 ]
  • Report Highlights Iowa Energy Center’s Contribution To Economic Development in FY 2014


Over the past year, the Iowa Energy Center has re-engineered itself to help create a robust economic development ecosystem for the state. The Energy Center’s initiatives are highlighted in the new annual report, which was released today.

The Energy Center’s work focuses on four program areas: bioenergy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and education and outreach. An important innovation in this past year was the creation of three wholly new competitive grant programs aimed at helping Iowa colleges, universities, and nonprofits secure outside investment for the state. The programs helped Iowa capture over $4.7 million in funding from the federal government and national nonprofit foundations.

” The Iowa Energy Center is now proposing to help leverage state money to win federal money, not only to seed some work within the state to get the ideas to the point where they are compelling to the funding agencies, but also to provide funds that could be used to provide at least part of the cost share. This is a really wonderful development I have actually been waiting years to see at the Iowa Energy Center” – Robert C. Brown, Director Bioeconomy Institute, Iowa State University.

Other accomplishments in FY 2014 include:

  • Iowa Energy Center grant projects contributed to: 26 professional journal publications, one issued patent, five issued Ph.D degrees (with 10 pending), seven issued master’s degrees (with one pending), 22 pending bachelor’s degrees, and seven funded external proposals with nine awaiting an award decision.
  • The Energy Center approved a record number 51 new loans through its Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program. The funded projects have a projected annual generation of 3,221 MWh.
  • The Energy Center teamed with the Iowa Army National Guard and Taylor Engineering to win a two-year, $500,000 U.S. Department of Defense award to demonstrate energy-saving control methods at five National Guard facilities throughout Iowa.* Over 200 professionals in the energy sector logged 670 professional development hours through Iowa Energy Center training classes.
  • The Energy Center hosted three statewide webinars featuring national-level energy experts as part of its Speaker Series.

The Iowa Energy Center was created by the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law in 1990, and is administered through Iowa State University. The Energy Center’s goal is to serve Iowans through reliable, objective tools and information. Whether you are a homeowner, student, architect, researcher, engineer, building operation and manufacturing professional or business owner, we provide resources to serve your needs as energy consumers and innovators.


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