• [ October 7, 2014 ]
  • Impact Award Recipients Highlighted at Energy Summit


Leading Innovation

Innovations in energy impact our daily lives and the world that we live in. At the Iowa Energy Center, we celebrate those who are making a difference in their industry, their communities, and in the State of Iowa when it comes to advancements in energy and energy efficiency.

Our Impact Awards honor leaders and innovators in our four program areas; Bioenergy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Education and Outreach. By working together and providing valuable resources, we are making an impact on our energy future.

This  year’s recipients received their awards and then presented on their projects at this year’s IAEE Energy Summit. The recipients and their presentation topics:

  • Education and Outreach Impact Award| Larry Beall , director of Iowa Energy and Sustainability Academy (IESA), Des Moines Public Schools. His presentation gave an overview of the how the curriculum immerses students in environmental learning and action through a two-year program and how it is advancing energy education.
  • Bioenergy Impact Award | Robert Brown , director of the Bioeconomy Institute, Iowa State University. Robert gave a presentation about Iowa’s investment in thermochemical conversation of biomass.
  • Renewable Energy Impact Award | Dr. Hui Hu and Anupam Sharma , professors of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University. They led the discussion about the initial findings and concepts in their Dual-Rotor Wind Turbine (DRWT) project that will increase the overall performance and efficiency of a wind farm.
  • Energy Efficiency Impact Award | Dr. Mufit Akinc , professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Chemical & Biological Engineering, Iowa State Univerity. He discussed how he and his team are developing the next generation of insulation materials that will improve upon energy efficiency and revolutionize the industry as a whole.

To read more about this year’s recipients and their research / projects, go to our Impact Awards page on our website or on our Vimeo video channel.

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