Polymers from Furfural

Grant# 03S-04
Principal Investigator: Julie Jessop and Gary Aurand
Student Support: Chris Comer
Organization: The University of Iowa
Technical Area: Renewable Energy

Public Abstract

The overall goal of this research is to use biorenewable furfural to replace petroleum-baed building blocks for polymers used in high-temperature and exterior coating applications. Furfural is a renewable resource with aromaticity and fungicidal characteristics. Because of the ring structures and aromatic in the backbone, polymers based on furfural likely possess increased thermal stability. In addition, these polymers may provide antifouling protection in marine and humid environments. The specific objectives of this research are to:

Project Objectives

  1. Synthesize difuran derivatives;
  2. Synthesize polymers and copolymers from difuran moieties;
  3. Evaluate physical and chemical properties of polymers and copolymers based on difuran derivatives;
  4. Present these research results to a greater scientific community.