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BY &  | IOWA ENERGY CENTER The Iowa Energy Center announces the availability of its 2013 Annual Report and a link to past year’s reports. This report covers all progress that has been made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. The nineteen page report introduces the new director, Mark C. Petri, Ph.D. and details the [...] Read More

BY | IOWA ENERGY CENTER The Iowa Energy Center has had great success with the first year and the roll-out of their new three-tiered grant programs: Planning Grant, Opportunity Grant, and Matching Grant. They are pleased to announce that the previous deadline of May 31st has been moved to June 30th, 2014 to accommodate additional proposal submissions for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the areas of research, demonstration, and commercialization. [...] Read More

BY | IOWA ENERGY CENTER Thanks to a highly competitive $500,000 award from the Department of Defense (DOD), the Iowa Energy Center will partner with the Iowa Army National Guard (IAARNG) and Taylor Engineering to demonstrate energy efficient strategies at five IAARNG facilities. The funding opportunity comes specifically from the DOD’s environmental research program, Environmental Security Technology Certification [...] Read More

BY | IOWA ENERGY CENTER During Tuesday’s recognition ceremony, state leaders welcomed the Iowa Utilities Board and Office of Consumer Advocate Building (IUB/OCA) facility as the newest addition to Iowa’s growing LEED Platinum Certified building family. Gov. Terry Branstad called the IUB/OCA building “a treasure for the Capitol Complex,” as it is Iowa’s first government agency building to be [...] Read More

The Iowa Energy Center is working with Iowa State University Survey and Behavioral Research Services to conduct an online survey to evaluate what are the most demanded/needed training topic areas on building energy efficiency. The audience is building professionals across Iowa (architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, technicians, etc.) who need professional training. This will be a [...] Read More

BY | IOWA ENERGY CENTER The Iowa Energy Center is working to improve building energy efficiency training and education programming by involving building professionals statewide in program development. In a four-step plan, the Energy Center will assess the gaps and needs of current building energy efficiency training and education programs, and then develop a centralized [...] Read More