• [ February 26, 2013 ]
  • Iowa Energy Center Visits Sacred Heart Fourth Graders to Present Wind Energy

Chad Cook speaks to the fourth graders of Sacred Heart before he demonstrates how wind turbines work. Photo: Kait McKinney/Iowa Energy Center

Iowa Energy Center’s Keith Kutz and Chad Cook visited fourth graders at Sacred Heart in West Des Moines Tuesday, February 19 to demonstrate how wind energy works and stress the importance of renewable energy. Barb Baker teaches fourth grade math, science and language arts, and she reached out to the Iowa Energy Center because she wanted to encourage and inspire her students regarding the future of renewable energy. “This is our future; these kids [will be] the ones doing our part when we’re gone,” she says. Mrs. Baker has been teaching her class about the different forms of renewable energy. As a teacher, she has been receiving solar cars from UNI to help aid students in their learning.

Mr. Cook and Mr. Kutz gave wind turbine demonstrations to one of Mrs. Baker’s science classes and answered the students’ questions regarding renewable energy and wind energy. “A majority of you sitting here will be working in jobs that haven’t even been thought of yet,” Mr. Cook and Mr. Kutz proclaimed to the students.

Mr. Kutz and Mr. Cook left the students with one simple tip, “Stay in school, work hard, and get excited about science and math.”


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