• [ August 20, 2012 ]
  • Iowa Energy Center Grantee Wins 2012 Global Grand Award

Hans van Leeuwen, professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at Iowa State University, and Iowa State University researchers, are the global grand winners of this year’s International Water Association (IWA) Project Innovation Award. Using Iowa Energy Center’s Biomass Energy Conversion Facility, van Leeuwen and his team developed a 400-gallon pilot plant to refine their award winning process which uses ethanol production waste, or stillage, to produce fungi that can be fed to pigs and chickens.

Learn more about van Leeuwen’s team and their research through Iowa State University’s New Service.

Van Leeuwen’s project was supported in part by Iowa Energy Center’s Research and Demonstration grant program. The project received a three-year award totaling $412,669. Details on the award and project can be found at the Iowa Energy Center grant library.

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