• [ March 1, 2013 ]
  • 2013 Wind and Solar Energy Conference


During the 2013 Wind and Solar Energy Conference, speakers addressed the growing interest and application of renewable energy resources for Iowans. The conference was organized by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Woodbury and Plymouth Counties and held at the Sioux City Convention Center, on Tuesday, February 26th.

As the event’s keynote speaker, Bill Haman, the Iowa Energy Center’s Industrial Program Manager, presented on the wind and solar resources available in Iowa, and the financing necessary to support Iowa’s renewable energy industry.

“This was the first year that the conference featured solar energy, in the past it has been centered on just wind energy,” Mr. Haman said. “It was a good opportunity to let folks know that this is a good time to consider solar energy.”

Solar energy is advancing as a feasible renewable energy resource. Currently, prices of solar energy equipment are cost-effective because there is a greater supply than a demand worldwide.

“It is the perfect storm for the solar energy industry,” Mr. Haman said.

Mr. Haman also compared the pros and cons of solar energy to those of wind energy, allowing the 170 participants to fairly compare the two types of renewable energies.

The biennial Wind and Solar Energy Conference is sponsored by the Iowa Energy Center along with City of Sioux City, MidAmerican Energy Co., Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Western Iowa, ISU Extension and Outreach, USDA Rural Development, and Woodbury County Farm Bureau.

For more information and downloadable presentations from the conference, visit the 2013 Wind and Solare Energy ConferenceĀ event summary.