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Long-term Assessment of Miscanthus Productivity and Sustainability (LAMPS)


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Renewable Energy

  • Biomass


Since 2012, we have been working with the University of Iowa (UI) as they seek to establish 2,500 acres of Miscanthus . giganteus by 2016 for heat and power. US biomass work on M. . giganteus is less than a decade old, but with yields 2-4 times greater than traditional switchgrass, and ecosystem services typical of perennial grasses, it has quickly become a leading crop for temperate, rain-fed environments. Though its high yields favor M. . giganteus over other perennial grasses in techno-economic analyses, agronomic production uncertainties make potential growers reluctant to adopt this promising perennial grass. Because uncertainty around M. . giganteus best crop management practices restricts farmer recruitment, and ultimately, Iowa bioenergy supply, there is a critical need to elucidate the agronomics of M . . giganteus production at a meaningful scale.

We seek funding from the Iowa Energy Center (IEC) to 1) develop a collaborative research framework and 2) begin establishment of a long-term M. . giganteus experiment (Long-term Assessment of Miscanthus Productivity and Sustainability (LAMPS)). With the establishment of this unique infrastructure, we will be competitive for NIFA-AFRI funding, as well as funding opportunities from other federal, local and private sources.

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Grant Active Dates:

Jan. 2015 — Mar. 2016


Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University

Principal Investigator:

Emily Heaton

Co-Principal Investigator:

Nicholas Boersma




Ames, Iowa