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Data Security in Smart Grid: A Computational Approach


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Energy Efficiency

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Smart grid modernizes existing electrical grids by integrating advanced sensing, communications and control systems into system operations. However, adopting cyber systems in smart grid introduces new data security  issues. Damaging events and cyberattacks may cripple system operations by injecting bad data or even deliberate false data into smart grid. Secure state estimation under cyberattacks and damaging events is of great interest to smart grid operators. On the one hand, system operators will need scalable and powerful state estimators which are robust to measurement errors. On the other hand, it is imperative to understand the performance limits of secure state estimation in smart grid. In this project, we will investigate the fundamental limits on data security in smart grid, and aim to provide computational tools for secure state estimation, and computing the performance limits of secure state estimation.

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Oct. 2014 — Oct. 2015


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Principal Investigator:

Weiyu Xu

Co-Principal Investigator:

Husheng Li




Iowa City, Iowa