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Chemical Fuels from CO2: Electrochemical Reduction in Task-Specific Solvents


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Renewable Energy

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This application seeks an Iowa Energy Center Opportunity Grant to fund acquisition and publication of data demonstrating the utility of a carbon-dioxide-to-fuel conversion process. This work will support a major funding application to the Department of Energy (DOE) Early Career Research Program in Basic Energy Sciences. The P.I. was encouraged to submit a full proposal to the DOE by the cognizant program officer in 2013, and has been encouraged to re-apply in 2015. Reviews of this proposal and discussion with the program officer were positive, and described a desire for additional preliminary data to support the re-application (see reviewer comment excerpts on pg. 5).

An Iowa Energy Center award will fund project personnel to allow acquisition of preliminary data. This will allow our group to address the concerns of reviewers and analyze the major chemical facets of the system, showing feasibility and practicality. The major outcomes will include a manuscript, presentation, and full application to the DOE program in 2015-16. These match the Iowa  Energy Center’s mission in the Opportunity Grant RFP.

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Jan. 2015 — Jun. 2016


Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa

Principal Investigator:

Scott K. Shaw




Iowa City, Iowa