• [ May 23, 2013 ]
    Webinar/JHU D.C. center

  • Webinar: Johns Hopkins Energy Policy and Climate Program Symposium


Can We Have Our Cake and Eat It Too? Options for a Fully Integrated Approach to Climate, Energy, and Economic Security in the U.S.

12-1:30 p.m.

Thomas Peterson, CCS President/CEO and Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), will present findings of integrative policy research from state level consensus building on climate, energy, and economic actions combined with national economic and energy security analysis.

The symposium will feature the CCS Security and Investment Project and 2012 International Energy Workshop Paper, an ongoing research project that details how past progress in the U.S. has been made through combined actions by localities, states, and national agencies to meet climate, energy, and economic goals, and how significant new opportunities exist to expand these actions. The project addresses three important questions:

  1. How much has the U.S. done to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and how much through proactive policy versus changes in the economy and new natural gas supplies?
  2. How can the U.S. take significant new actions that improve climate, economic, and energy security at the same time in each sector and level of government in the US?
  3. How can these new actions generate needed investment from public and private sources?

The panel of experts includes:

  • Dr. Wil Burns, Associate Director, Energy Policy & Climate Program, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dr. Kathy Wagner, Director for the Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies
  • Dr. Brent Blackwelder, Adjunct Faculty Johns Hopkins University, Emeritus Founder Friends of the Earth
  • Other members of the policy community

If you are not in the D.C. area, register for the webinar.
Webinar ID: 129-423-763.

If you will be able to attend the symposium in D.C., please RSVP with Dr. Wil Burns.