• [ November 12, 2013 ]

  • Webinar: Dedicated Energy Crops – What, Why, and Where?


Speaker: Emily Heaton, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, Iowa State University

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time: 3:30-4:30 CST


Dr. Heaton is an Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University. Her group, the Biomass Crop Production and Physiology Lab, aims to understand the growth and productivity of dedicated biomass crops in the Midwest, and how they can be managed to provide multiple ecosystem services. They specifically seek to elucidate the reciprocal impact of environment on key physiological processes like photosynthesis, biomass accumulation, water use, and nutrient cycling. Typical activities focus on the plant and field plot scale with inferences at the watershed and ecosystem scale. Through collaboration, they use their own data to explain observed phenomena and predict future behavior, with an ultimate goal of providing useful information to policy and the public about the role biomass crops can and should play in the Midwestern USA. She remains involved with her family farm, which employs diverse agricultural activities ranging from heritage poultry grazing to biomass crop production for sustainable and profitable land management.

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