• [ October 29, 2013 ]

  • Webinar: Building Controls—Finding the Right Fit in Your Facility


If you are looking to maximize the energy efficiency of your building’s cooling, ventilation and lighting systems then installing a building automation system is the way to go.

Don’t know where to begin or what to expect?

Attend the free, 60-minute webcast “Building Controls: Finding the Right Fit for Your Facility” sponsored by Siemens on Tuesday Oct. 29 at 1 p.m. EDT for everything you need to know for a successful building automation system installation.

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Building automation systems are key to maximizing the energy efficiency of your building’s systems, including cooling, ventilation and lighting; they can also make vital contributions to the effectiveness of mass notification systems, emergency power systems and fault detection and diagnostics capabilities.

A successful building automation system depends heavily on a facility manager’s ability to identify the technical requirements of the system, its applications and user interface. You need a clear grasp of your facility’s size, systems and BAS features to get a fully functional, cost-effective system that maximizes energy savings and boosts efficiency throughout your building.

The Webcast will detail:

* Basic BAS strategies that every facility manager should be implementing
* Higher level BAS functions and how they can benefit a facility
* Achieving energy savings and sustainable facility operations with BAS
* Matching a BAS to building systems, size and scope

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