• [ May 13, 2015 ]

  • Webinar – Biogas as an Energy Source in Iowa


EcoEngineers, in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), and Iowa State University launched the Iowa Biomass Assessment Tool (IBAM) last year. This tool serves as a foundation to evaluate economic potential of Anaerobic Digester (AD) projects. It provides tremendous data in locating wide variety of waste streams, making the siting of AD projects simpler and more straightforward than it would be otherwise.

The IBAM study demonstrated that Iowa has a large supply of biomass that can potentially be converted to biogas. There are numerous sites within the state where the aggregate volume of available biomass can support the installation of a biodigester. This webinar will demonstrate the results from IBAM and discuss factors driving the expansion of anaerobic digestion and bio-methane capture at wastewater facilities, landfills, and large industrial operations.

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Shashi Menon
Managing Partner


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Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

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