• [ October 11, 2013 ]
    Des Moines, IA

  • Conference: Iowa Environmental Council Annual– At the Tipping Point; Creating Momentum for a Healthier Iowa Environment


This year’s Iowa Environmental Council annual conference on October 11 at Drake University in Des, Moines will explore ways to create positive tipping points—solutions for creating sustainable, positive momentum. Conference attendees will celebrate the diversity that makes Iowa’s environmental community stronger and explore the many ways Iowans are contributing to a safe, healthy environment and sustainable future.

Meet the 2013 speakers and register here.

tipping point is the moment when a series of small actions create enough momentum to cause a bigger change.  Some tipping points are negative, such as the moment when pollution levels in a river rise enough to harm aquatic life, outdoor recreation, or safe drinking water for people.  Other tipping points, though, are very positive.

In Iowa, wind energy is an example of a clean energy source that is reaching its tipping point and provides about one quarter of the energy generated in the state. Solar power technologies are poised for much greater use.  Increasing conservation practices like cover crops or buffers along streams can propel Iowa to a future where healthy soils and clean water are secure for our children and grandchildren.

The Council’s individual supporters, organizational members, and their supporters are creating positive momentum for Iowa’s environment every day.  At the Tipping Point on October 11, attendees will reflect on what the council has accomplished so far and look forward to the year ahead.

Last year’s event, Finding Iowa’s Way: Economic Solutions for a Healthier Environment, was held October 4, 2012. Photos from the event are shown above. You can view slides and hear presentations from that event or find out what participants had to say about it.

More information can be found on the event’s webpage.