• [ April 26, 2013 ]
    Ames, IA

  • Workshop: Biofuels for Community College Faculty


Hosted by FLARE

April 26, 2013

Ames, IA

Background and Description

Iowa NSF EPSCoR is a 5-year, 20 million dollar grant that involves a partnership between ISU, UNI and the University of Iowa in research about renewable energy (wind and biofuels), energy efficiency and energy policy. The vision of the project is to establish Iowa as a leader in the world-wide energy transition from mining subsurface (fossil) energy stores to harnessing renewable energy flows in the biosphere.

In addition to the research goals, the EPSCoR project is committed to preparing a workforce that can meet the demands of Iowa’s emerging green economy by increasing the number and diversity of students in the STEM “pipeline.” This work is carried out by the FLARE Institute (Future Leaders in Advancing Renewable Energy), a virtual institute composed of faculty and staff at Iowa’s Regents Universities.

The goals of this workshop:

  1. CC faculty will increase their understanding of the challenges and promises of biofuel production (scientific/engineering, economic, environmental, political/governmental)
  2. CC faculty will use the information and materials to increase student understanding of the current status and future direction of the biofuels industry and biofuels research in Iowa
  3. Promote a dialogue and on-going collaboration between ISU and CC faculty around issues related to STEM education and the STEM “pipeline”
  4. CC faculty will increase their awareness of the Iowa NSF EPSCoR RII Track 1 project and the opportunities for them and their students.


  • Presentations by faculty on (1) growing bienergy crops, (2) storage and transport of biomass, (3) fermentation and (4) thermochemical production of biofuels.
  • Panel discussion about STEM education and the STEM “pipeline” from school to work with a DuPont/Pioneer Human Resources representative, an ISU Academic Advisor in Biological Sciences, an ISU professor who started at a community college, and a staff member who has done extensive research related to community college students and transfer to the university.
  • The workshop is free. Lunch and mileage will be provided by Iowa NSF EPSCoR.
  • Click here for a detailed agenda: CC BCRF Wrkp Agenda.pdf

Map/Directions to BCRF:

  • The BioCentury Research Farm is located about 6 miles west of Ames, just south of Highway 30
  • 1327 U Avenue, Boone (on Highway 30 between Ames and Boone)
  • Click Here for a Google Map

Registration is currently closed.

Please e-mail Mike Lazere at if you like to attend (Office: 515-294-1312 Cell: 515-290-5875)

This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number EPS-1101284.