• [ November 19, 2012 ]

  • Webinar: ASERTTI on Biofuels for Transportation


Biofuel Breakthroughs for the Transportation Sector

November 19, 2012


On Monday, November 19 at 12:00 p.m. (CT), ASERTTI will host the third lecture in its Emerging Technologies Webinar Series, Crops for Cars: Biofuel Breakthroughs for the Transportation Sector.

This webinar features three speakers, starting with Dr. Heike Sederoff, Assistant Professor of Plant Sensory Genomics and Metabolic Engineering of Microalgae at North Carolina State University, who will discuss research efforts in genetically modifying the oil-crop plant Camelina sativa to produce high quantities of both modified oils and terpenes.  Dr. Vic Knauf, Chief Scientific Officer at Arcadia Biosciences, will present on their work to develop plants that produce vegetable oil in their leaves and stems rather than in seeds.  Finally, Dr. Christer Jansson, Bioenergy Program Lead at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), will discuss LBNL’s efforts to modify tobacco to enable it to directly produce fuel molecules in its leaves for use as a biofuel.  Registration is free and open to ASERTTI members and associate members, so please spread the word about this upcoming event.

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