Enhancing Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, and Productivity in the Food Processing Industry in Iowa

Grant# 03-06
Principal Investigator: Timothy Sullivan
Organization: Center for Industrial Research and Service, Iowa State University
Technical Area: Energy Efficiency

Food processing is the largest sector in the manufacturing portion of the Iowa economy. There are over 700 establishments employing over 55,000 people, and producing 21% of the manufacturing portion of the state’s Gross Domestic Product. Food processing is an energy intensive industry, making heavy use of refrigeration, steam, process heat, and compressed air.

For these reasons Iowa State University Extension’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS), with funding from the Iowa Energy Center, examined existing sources and worked with consultants to identify and document energy-related
best practices. The consultants, specialists in steam and refrigeration, visited leading Iowa food processors to identify potential best practices.

The publication “Energy-Related Best Practices: A Sourcebook for the Food Industry” contains chapters that cover: Energy Management; Energy Cost Structure; Mixing; Separation; Drying; Process Heating; Refrigeration; and Industrial Air Handling.
Appendices include: Steam; Lighting; Compressed Air; Motors and Pumps/Fans; and Resources.

The document is available to all food processors in Iowa on compact disc and online at . Also available is a “Guidebook to Energy-Related Resources for the Food Industry.” This is a compilation of all the printed materials, online resources, and organizations identified in the various chapters and appendices of the main document.