How Iowa Benefits

Research results and hands-on equipment demonstrations at the Energy Resource Station give consumers information to select the most cost-effective and efficient options for their businesses. Besides encouraging the use of energy-efficient products, this information provides the supporting data necessary to simplify analyses of energy options and life-cycle costs. Innovative research being pursued at the ERS is helping develop and evaluate energy efficient technologies of tomorrow.

Key Benefits

The benefits of the Energy Resource Station have far reaching effects on Iowa, encompassing the state’s economy, environment and Iowa’s role as a national leader in implementing energy-efficient technology.

  • Saving building and business owners money and energy
  • Increasing energy efficiency to boost Iowa’s economy and reduce the number of energy dollars leaving the state
  • Establishing unbiased product performance information. This will allow Iowa businesses and homeowners to make more secure investments in energy-efficient technologies and systems
  • Providing technical training programs for energy and building professionals
  • Introducing new energy-efficient technologies to Iowans
  • Reducing pollution levels in local communities
  • Reducing Iowa’s dependence on imported energy