Projects & Partnerships

The largest portion of the Energy Center’s funds has been spent on energy efficiency research, demonstrations and education projects. These projects reveal the diversity of Iowa’s energy picture — addressing energy use in agriculture, industry, commercial businesses, municipalities and residential areas.

The following is a list of some of the Energy Center’s energy efficiency projects and partnerships:


  • The Iowa Public Building Benchmark Project Phase II will continue to build an energy efficiency benchmark database for public buildings across the state. This database will help organizations compare their building’s energy use and plan for future energy efficient retrofits.
  • The National Building Controls Information Program (NBCIP ) was established with support from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to address energy efficiency problems associated with building controls.
  • Regional, national and international HVAC research at the Energy Resource Station (ERS) on fault detection and diagnostic tests and methods for monitoring buildings’ HVAC performance.
  • A special web site, DDC Online , was developed and is currently the most complete, unbiased listing available of direct digital controls (DDC) vendors and information related to DDC systems.
  • The Lighting Research Center (LRC) and its subsidiary, the National Lighting Products Information Program (NLPIP), provide some of the nation’s best objective sources of manufacturer-specific performance information on energy-efficient lighting products.
  • Efficient heating and cooling through geothermal energy .


  • Partnership for Industrial Energy Efficiency (PIE2) is a consortium of industrial energy efficiency public/private stakeholders focused on improving energy efficiency in Iowa’s industrial facilities.
  • to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase productivity in industry.
  • DDC Online is a complete, unbiased listing of direct digital controls (DDC) vendors and information related to DDC systems.
  • A product-neutral organization, the Compressed Air Challenge develops and provides resources that educate industry on opportunities to increase net profits through compressed air system optimization.
  • The Iowa Energy Center is an active participant in the Department of Energy’s Steam Challenge Program .


The Farm Energy Task Force is a partnership combining the knowledge and resources of ISU Extension, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, utility providers, stakeholders, and rural outreach organizations in Iowa.