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Education and Workforce Development Grants Awarded

February 13, 2017

The Iowa Energy Center recently awarded more than $240,000 to five grantees as part of the new Energy Education and Workforce Development program. Under this program, the Center will fund projects that create energy education content which can then be distributed widely in the state.

Examples include train-the-trainer workshops and online lessons and courses that target K-12 students or college students. An Energy Center award could fund curriculum development and online adaption, instructional design, and workshops and promotional materials, among other things.

This is the first round of funding awarded under the new program and projects selected include curriculum creation and workshops for educators. Awardees include the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, Northeast Iowa Community College and the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation.

The Energy Education and Workforce Development grant program was developed last year to meet our mission of education for all Iowans on energy efficiency and renewable energy possibilities.

The second round of funding for the Energy Education and Workforce Development program is now open. To apply for a grant from the Energy Center or find out your eligibility, please visit the Competitive Grants page on our website.


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