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  • Iowa Energy Center’s Role in Economic Development
    [February 23, 2015]

    BY | IOWA ENERGY CENTER The recently released 2014 Battelle Report has highlighted ways Iowa can improve its economic performance. It outlines opportunities and challenges for Iowa’s economic growth, while giving recommendations for improvement. The Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress (IPEP) advisory board initiated the 2014 Battelle Report to set a strategic direction for economic development [...] Read More

  • Scholarships Support Budding Researchers in Biofuels
    [May 7, 2014]

    BY KELLY MADSEN, LIZ ZABEL & SANDRA CANNON | IOWA ENERGY CENTER “I received a Youth & Energy Scholarship last year (2013), and these awards have opened doors for me to consider a variety of college options based on my interests rather than the costs”- Eric Koehlmoos, 2014 Youth & Energy Scholarship 1st Place Winner. Read More