BECON Technical Specifications

Varian Model CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph
Varian Micro-GC Gas Chromatograph
SRI Model 8610-C Gas Chromatograph
Lab Alliance HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) with Model 201 Variable UV/Vis Detector and Series III Pump
Metler Toledo Model DL31 Karl Fischer Titrator
Barnstead ROpure Infinity Reverse Osmosis water purification system
Barnstead E-Pure Series 1090 Water Purification System
for Type I Reagent Grade Water
Hermle Model Z200A Benchtop Centrifuge
Labline Impreial II Radiant Heat Oven
Curtin Matheson Equatherm Incubator Oven
Barnstead/Labline Max Q 4000 heated benchtop shaker
Frigidaire AFFC2528DW2 chest ultrafreezer
Three fume hoods
Hazardous material storage

Wireless and wired network capability
High-speed Internet service
Color and B&W laser printers

Permanent office seating for 10+ research staff including three
private offices
Conference room (seats 30+) with AV equipment
Standard business equipment (copier, fax, printers)
Kitchen/break area


  • Biodiesel plant

Methanol recovery system
Oil-seed extraction system
Storage bin
Tied into industrial control system

  • Anaerobic Digestion System

Four 6000 gallon tanks
Multi-stage anaerobic digestion
Industrial-grade pumps
Control system

  • Supercritical System

High Pressure Batch Reactor
• L: 23.1 cm; D: 7.6 cm
• Total Volume: 1 liter
• System rating: 241MPa at 450 degrees Celcius

High Pressure Flow Reactor
•L: 212 cm; D: 3.2 cm
•Total Volume: 1.7 L
•System rating: 69 MPa at 450 degrees Celcius
•Milton Roy C pump 250 ml/min capacity, can handle 10-15 wt% slurry for 250 to 800 micron particle size
•HPLC solvent pump 250 ml/min
•Three stage high shear mixer with fine rotor and stator

  • Thermal Gasification System

5 ton per day fluidized-bed gasification system

Total building ventilation system
Machine and tool shop
Hydrostatic drive fork truck
Bobcat skid loader
Fork truck
20-foot, 14,000 lb capacity tandem axle trailer
Skyjack scissor lift with 20-foot reach
Plasma cutting system
FRED fume and smoke collector
Arc and wire-welders
Acetylene Cutting Torch

12,000 square foot of research space (100 x 120)
Building height slopes from 28 feet to 18 feet with interior usable height ranging from 25 to 15 feet
480 volt 3-phase service with utility stations providing 240-volt and 120-volt access
Wired ethernet at all control stations
Building compressed air (Ingersoll-Rand UP6-50E-125 compressor)
Natural gas service
Fulton thermal fluid boiler for process heat and steam (150 psig)
Caterpillar diesel generator
Hurst steam boiler