Xiaohui Zhou, Ph.D., P.E.
Program Manager

Building energy efficiency program manager.

  • over 17 years work & research experience in commercial building HVAC systems & building controls
  • experience as design engineer, application engineer, researcher & team leader
  • involved in ASHRAE at local & national levels
  • member of ASHRAE Technical Committee TC 1.4 Control Theory &Application, TC 1.5 Computer Applications, & TC 7.5 Smart Building Systems

I have an older all electric home. My electric bill for November was very high. What should my short and long term priorities be for lowering my electric bill?

Your short term priority is to find a qualified energy auditor to do a comprehensive energy audit of your house to determine  the major problem areas (insulation, leakage, HVAC system, etc.)  and come up with suggested changes to fix those problems. The first step should be fixing any air leaks in the house, adding insulation if necessary. After that, you should assess if your heating and cooling system/equipment is energy efficient. Your house may need to be retrofitted for a more energy efficient system.

If you are a DIY person, the following link is a good resource for self-check/assessment and potential fixes for some of these issues: http://www.icosc.com/home-matters/ . For 1940 & earlier homes, use this link: .