Bill Haman, P.E.
Program Manager

A registered professional engineer in Iowa and Wisconsin.

  • over 30 years of engineering experience in both the public and private sectors
  • industrial programs manager
  • Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program manager since 1996

How much energy/watt or kW would a wind turbine with a diameter of 1.4 meter deliver at different speeds?

Every wind turbine has a unique “power curve” that shows it’s average performance over a range of wind speeds at standard temperature and pressure conditions.  The power curve is dependent on the type of turbine (horizontal axis, vertical axis), the number of turbine blades (2 or more), the aerodynamic shape of the turbine blades, and the inherent losses associated with the turbine design (friction losses associated with the drivetrain, shadow effect losses associated with the tower design, etc.).  The performance will also be affected by the yawing and blade pitch control characteristics of the turbine as well as the steadiness of the wind velocity.  Most wind turbine manufacturers publish their turbines’ power curves which can normally be located on their websites.