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Our team has over 30 years of energy efficiency & renewable energy experience & expertise.

  • Renewable energy experts in: biomass, biofuels, wind & solar
  • Energy efficiency experts in: commercial, industrial, professional, residential & agricultural
  • Energy Education experts in: STEM, K-12, professional trainings & workshops

How can my high school receive money to install solar panels?

The Iowa Energy Center has a loan program for renewable energy projects for proposals like solar installation for schools.

You can also check out some financial incentives for renewables and efficiency projects for Iowa through the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. Additional resources on financial incentives can be found on our website. The Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) Energy Bank offers Iowa businesses and schools a low interest financing option for energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy projects and energy management and implementation plans.

Another route to investigate is the Kickstarter platform. Check out our blog post about a fourth grade class that used a Kickstarter campaign to set up solar at their school.

Iowa Energy Center’s program manager Bill Haman can be contacted for more information about how the Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) can help at 515-294-4710.

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