Loan Program Status

Program Overview

The Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program was established in 1996 with funding from a three-year assessment, totaling $5.9 million, on the gross intrastate operating revenues of Iowa’s investor-owned gas and electric utilities. $5 million of additional funds was provided through the I-JOBS program in each of FY 2009 and FY 2010. Since that time, the AERLP has provided loans of more than $28.4 million in support of 195 renewable energy projects having total construction costs of $245.2 million.

The Energy Center began accepting applications in August 1996. Through June 30, 2012, the program received 359 new and 64 resubmitted loan applications leading to 193 projects receiving funding. These facilities have an annual energy production equivalent to 2,053,078 MWh.

Loans by technology type for FY 2012:

1 Biomass*
0 Hydro
3 Solar
3 Small Wind (20 kW or less)
25 Large Wind (more than 20 kW)
0 Hybrid**

Loans by technology type since 1996:

22 Biomass*
1 Hydro
16 Solar
40 Small Wind (20 kW or less)
109 Large Wind (more than 20 kW)
5 Hybrid**

Annual Energy Generation Impact of AERLP

1,748,922 MWh Biomass*
2,863 MWh Small Hydro
754 MWh Solar
1,210 MWh Small Wind (20 kW or less)
299,221 MWh Large Wind (more than 20 kW)
108 MWh Hybrid**

Totaling 2,053,078 MWh/year

* Includes the electrical equivalent of projects producing fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and wood.
** Includes a combination of solar, hydro, small wind, or biomass.

The Iowa Energy Center is interested in feedback about the AERLP. If you would like to comment, send a note to the Energy Center at , subject line “Attention AERLP”.