Our Team

Mark C. Petri, Ph.D.

Bill Haman, P.E.
Renewable Energy Program Manager
Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program Manager

Xiaohui Zhou, Ph.D., P.E.
Energy Efficiency Program Manager
Energy Resource Station (ERS) Facility Manager

Norm Olson, P.E.
Bioenergy Program Manager
Biomass Energy Conversion Facility (BECON) Facility Manager

Ran Liu, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Energy Resource Station (ERS)

Scott Lochhead, P.E.
Mechanical Engineer
Energy Resource Station (ERS)

Communications Manager

Video Producer and Writer

Taylor Buckley
Graphic Designer and Photographer

Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator

Troy Barker
Facility Mechanic

Linda Hintch
Safety and Security Officer

Research Administrator

Patty Prouty
Grant Coordinator

Martin D. Watt, CPA
Office Coordinator/Fiscal Officer

Julie Charlson

Denise Junod