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Iowa Energy Center



The Iowa Energy Center was created by the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law in 1990, and is administered through Iowa State University. The Energy Center’s goal is to support economic development, environmental sustainability and social well-being through energy innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

About The Energy Center

The Iowa Energy Center was created by the Iowa General Assembly in 1990 to

  • strive to increase energy efficiency in all areas of Iowa energy use;
  • conduct and sponsor research on energy efficiency and conservation that will improve the environmental, social, and economic well-being of Iowans, minimize the environmental impact of existing energy production and consumption, and reduce the need to add new power plants;
  • serve as a model for state efforts to decrease reliance on imported fuels and to decrease reliance on energy production from nonrenewable, resource-depleting fuels;
  • conduct and sponsor research to develop alternative energy systems that are based upon renewable sources and that will reduce the negative environmental and economic impact of energy production systems;
  • assist Iowans in assessing technology related to energy efficiency and alternative energy production systems and support educational and demonstration programs that encourage implementation of energy efficiency and alternative energy production systems;
  • develop a program to provide assistance to rural residents for energy efficiency efforts;
  • cooperate with the state board of education in developing a curriculum which promotes energy efficiency and conservation; and
  • sponsor research grants and projects submitted on a competitive basis by Iowa colleges and universities and private nonprofit agencies and foundations.

The Iowa Energy Center was created by the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Terry Branstad in 1990. (Section 266.39C of the Iowa Code)

How Can We Help?

Interested in workshop and trainings? New to renewable energy and energy efficiency? This website provides information and tools for homeownersgrant seekers, individuals or companies in industrial and commercial fields, engineers, those in the agricultural sector, and Iowans interested in K-12 education opportunities.

In addition to providing information and education, the Iowa Energy Center supports renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for Iowans through our loan, scholarship and competitive grant programs.

Contact Information

Bioenergy Program
Norm Olson, P.E., Biomass Program Manager
515.382.1774 |

Education & Outreach Program

Energy Efficiency Program
Xiaohui (Joe) Zhou, Ph.D., P.E., Energy Efficiency Program Manager
515.965.7342 |

Renewable Energy Program
Bill Haman, P.E., Renewable Energy Program Manager
515.294.4710 |

Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP)
Bill Haman, P.E., Program Manager
515.294.4710 |

Media Inquiries
Leigh Nelson, Communications Coordinator
515.294.4391 |

For grant related inquires, please call the Ames office or email