• [ January 10, 2017 ]
  • Sioux City Plant Proposes to Generate Renewable Fuel from Wastewater

Earlier this week, City Council members in Sioux City voiced their optimism about a plan to use the town’s existing wastewater treatment plant to generate renewable fuels. The $9.3 million project will allow the city to sell renewable fuels made from cleaned and compressed gas at the plant.

There is an estimated two year timeline for the project, along with various upgrades to the current plant. Once completed, the plant will have “a system to capture, clean and compress a gas created as a byproduct during the anaerobic digestion process the city uses to break down raw sludge to turn it into biosolids.” The gas could then be used for city vehicles or be sent to regional natural gas pipelines to be sold as renewable fuel.

Click here to see the full article from the Sioux City Journal. Note that the Journal uses the phrase ‘biosolids’ which is what the Energy Center commonly refers to as ‘biogas’.


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