• [ December 2, 2014 ]
  • Impact Award Recipients Hui Hu and Anupam Sharma Inspire Innovation with Dual-Rotor Wind Turbine Concept


The Iowa Energy Center is proud to partner with two researchers that are impacting the way you perceive wind turbines. Professor Hui Hu and Assistant Professor Anupam Sharma of Iowa State University received a 2014 Iowa Energy Center Impact Award for their commitment to innovation in renewable energy. Their dual-rotor wind turbine design will improve turbine performance and wind farm efficiency, which coincides with the Iowa Energy Center’s responsibility to be a resource for innovation. Through these individuals, we are seeing the next evolution of renewable energy.

Our Impact Awards honor leaders and innovators in our four program areas; Bioenergy, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Education and Outreach. By working together and providing valuable resources, we are making an impact on our energy future.

Meet the Innovators

Hu is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University. Dr. Hu’s technical background is in the field of experimental fluid dynamics and heat transfer with emphasis on developing and applying advanced flow diagnostic techniques to study various complex thermal flow problems. Hu’s recent research interests include wind energy and wind turbine aeromechanics; icing physics, aircraft icing and wind turbine anti-icing/de-icing technology; film cooling, trailing edge cooling and thermal management of gas turbine blades; aerodynamics of low-speed airfoils and active flow controls; bio-inspired aerodynamic designs for micro-air-vehicle (MAV) applications; micro-flows and micro-scale heat transfer in microfluidics or “Lab-on-a-Chip” devices.

Anupam is an Assistant Professor and Walter W. Wilson faculty fellow in the department of Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University. Anupam received his Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, and his Masters and Doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University, USA. After graduation, Anupam worked at the General Electric Global Research Center in New York for seven years before starting his career at Iowa State. His research focus is on aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of rotating machinery. He is a senior member of the AIAA and a member of ASME and until recently served on the AIAA Aeroacoustics technical committee.

Success Beyond the Impact Award

Their work is far-reaching as they recently won a competitive $330,000 award from the National Science Foundation. The funding opportunity comes from the National Science Foundation/ Catalysis and Biocatalysis Energy for Sustainability Program, which supports fundamental engineering research and education that will enable innovative processes for the sustainable production of electricity and transportation fuels. Previous seed funding provided to Hu and Sharma by the Iowa Energy Center, which came in the form of an opportunity grant, helped the researchers make their submission for the NSF grant more competitive.

The awarded NSF project will include further development of a dual-rotor wind turbine design that promises to make wind turbines and wind farms as a whole, more efficient at producing power. To learn more about their success, visit our news & updates section for an article entitled, “Iowa State University Wins Competitive $330,000 National Science Foundation Grant.”

As more exploration is done, the scientific community is able to expand upon past research and develop new innovations in order to progress the way energy is utilized. Hu and Sharma are an example of the impact that can be made through such work. To learn more about their story, watch our video “Commitment To Innovation In Renewable Energy” on our Vimeo Channel.

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