• [ February 5, 2014 ]
  • Funding Opportunity: $12 Million for Biomass Carbon Fiber


The Department of Energy recently announced up to $12 million in funding to support the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative, but more specifically to advance the production of cost-competitve, high-performance carbon fiber material from renewable, non-food based feedstocks such as agricultural residues and woody biomass.

Carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight material traditionally made from natural gas or petroleum that can lower the cost and improve performance by replacing steel and other heavy metals in products, including fuel-efficient vehicles and renewable energy systems (wind turbine blades, pressurized hydrogen storage vessels, fuel cells, insulation materials in energy efficient buildings, etc). Compared to traditional carbon fiber, biomass-produced carbon fiber would be less costly and have greater environmental benefits.

For more information and application requirements, visit the Funding Opportunity Exchange website.

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