• [ December 14, 2013 ]
  • Podcast: Wind Energy Forum Enhances Positives of Wind Production


The American Wind Energy Association held a Wind Energy Forum in Colorado in October that gave participants the opportunity to discuss the state of the wind industry.

John Stulp, Colorado Interbasin Compact Committee Chairman and moderator of one of the panels at the forum, said the forum reviewed the nationwide growth of the industry, adding that “new technology achievements and development [in] rotor design and the overall construction of turbines has resulted in more efficient production of power.”

“We’ve seen the price of energy actually come down somewhat from the highs of 5 or 6 years ago,” he said. “[We are still] dealing with some of the same issues of having adequate or enough transmission to take care of the big wind resource that we have here, but I think that will come with time.”

Listen to the audio interview with Mr. Stulp from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service here.

Source: Wind Energy Forum Enhances Positives of Wind Production, DOE



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