• [ December 20, 2013 ]
  • DOE Grid Energy Storage Report


On Dec. 12, theĀ Department of Energy (DOE) released its Grid Energy Storage report, which identifies the benefits of grid energy storage, the challenges to enabling broader use, and the current effort being made to meet those challenges.

The report identifies four main challenges that must be addressed to enable energy storage: the development of cost-effective energy storage technologies, validated reliability and safety, an equitable regulatory environment, and industry acceptance.

In developing the report, the DOE utilized input from industry, academia, and government stakeholders to identify efforts to address each of the four key challenges. Some of the key strategic actions to addressing storage challenges are: cost-competitive energy storage technology achieved through research; resolving economic and performance barriers; and creating analytical tools for design manufacturing innovation, and deployment.

Read the full Grid Energy Storage report, here.


Energy Department Releases Grid Energy Storage Report,



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