• [ November 18, 2013 ]
  • DOE Lanches New Alternative Fueling Station Locator App


The Department of Energy (DOE) launched a new mobile app to help drivers find alternative fueling stations for their vehicles. The Alternative Fueling Station Locator app, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the DOE, mirrors the Alternative Fueling Station Locator website by providing information on more than 15,000 stations across the country in a free, mobile format (iPhone/iPad).

Users are able to search for one of several fuel options: electricity, biodiesel, natural gas, ethanol, hydrogen and propane. Once they select their fuel, the app maps the closest station to their location, including addresses, phone numbers, operating hours, and payment methods.

This app is just one of 15 tools designed to reduce the use of petroleum in U.S. transportation that is available on the DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center website.

Learn more about the DOE’s support for deployment of alternative fuels and petroleum reduction in transportation on the Clean Cities website.

Source: Energy Department Launches Alternative Fueling Station Locator App, DOE



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