• [ November 27, 2013 ]
  • DOE Building Technologies Office Releases Advanced Energy Retrofit guide for Healthcare Facilities


Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide, DOE

U.S. health care facilities spend approximately $8.8 billion per year on energy (almost three times more than typical buildings) making healthcare one of the most energy-intensive segments of the market. The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) recently released Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide for Healthcare Facilities offers an opportunity for these facilities to improve energy efficiency through:

  • Guidance for kick-starting the retrofit process and maintaining momentum throughout the project life cycle, including planning, designing, and implementing energy improvement projects.
  • Practical methodologies, diverse case studies, and objective evaluations of the most promising retro-comissioning and retrofit measures for healthcare facilities.
  • Direction for addressing barriers, such as limited capital and competition for resources; shortage of actionable information; and lack of specific, integrated design methods adapted to healthcare facilities.

Source: Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides, Building Technologies Office



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