• [ October 7, 2013 ]
  • Unleaded fuel will soon be replaced with ethanol blend

Drivers in Iowa and Neb. will soon see a change at the pump, 87 octane fuel without ethanol will soon be phased out and replaced with an ethanol blend, which will likely cost less at the pump.

Starting Sept. 16, refineries began delivering sub-octane unleaded gasoline with a level of 84, leaving suppliers to blend the sub-octane gas with ethanol or premium to reach an 87 octane rating. The new, blended fuel is showing up at pumps around the two states and should be completely integrated by early Oct. The fuel changeover has gone smoothly in other states, and the same is expected for Iowa and Nebraska as they are the last of the states to change to this new fuel grade.

Most consumers already use ethanol blends, and won’t be affected by the changes, but motorists should still use the octane ratings recommended in their vehicles owner’s manual to avoid any engine problems.

A large driver of this switch, is that it simplifies the production process by eliminating regular unleaded gas, and will allow refineries to more easily supply gasoline across the country. The change also aligns with the Renewable Fuel Standard, which requires a mandatory minimum volume of biofuels in the national transportation fuel supply.


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