• [ October 16, 2013 ]
  • Survey finds utilities expect a transformation

Based on a recently conducted annual global survey of utility executives conducted by PwC consulting firm, leaders worldwide expect a ‘complete transformation’ of the utility business model.

The survey found 94 percent of participants expect important changes in the utility sector between now and 2030, with 40 percent expecting a complete transformation. A transformation is essential to survival as the energy industry continues to go through changing dynamics, such as decentralized generation, and two-way power flows.

Courtesy of 13th PwC Annual Global Power & Utilities Survey

Beyond decentralized technology, changes in energy efficiency are a driving force for changing the utility market.

Courtesy of 13th PwC Annual Global Power & Utilities Survey


40 percent of utilities predict ‘Complete Transformation’ by 2030, Greentech Media

13th PwC Annual Global Power and Utilities Survey, PwC



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