• [ October 2, 2013 ]
  • Survey finds federal agencies look to energy efficiency to meet goals

A recent follow-up survey finds that 74 percent of over 200 federal agency decision-makers with purchasing power believe energy efficiency is key to meeting increasing energy needs, saving money, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions within their agencies. The survey was conducted by Zogby Analytics and sponsored by Alliance to Save Energy and Schneider Electric.

While the survey showed a general support for incorporating energy-efficient measures into federal agencies, nearly 40 percent of respondents cited lack of funding as the biggest obstacle to implementing energy efficient technologies and practices. Other portions of the survey asked participants to identify their agency’s attitudes toward energy efficiency, and to rank their agency’s abilities to comply with energy efficiency federal mandates.


Zogby Analytics Overall Summary

Survey Says? Federal Government Agencies Agree Energy Efficiency is “Most Effective” Tool, Alliance to Save Energy



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